• yanny tokyo

Show worth photographing in London

So many shows in London have a strict NO PHOTOGRAPHY! rule; however, Mamma Mia! The Party at The 02 in London actually encourages you to take photos and WHAT A TREAT!

Mamma Mia! The Party is set out like a massive Greek taverna.  You get seated, are served a 4-course meal while the show happens all around you, ending in a dancing party.  The story is totally different from Mamma Mia! the musical and films, but it is similar with lots of ABBA songs helping tell the story.

As a photographer, I love every chance I have to take photos.  What's great about this show is that the actors move all around you, dancing and singing (there are live musicians as well), plus there are fire effects, some amazing lighting scenes and a fabulous aerialist.

Tickets can be a little pricey, but it includes the show, the meal (by rhubarb) and the dancing (you pay for drinks on top).  It's truly amazing, with lots of laughs and good food, a high energy performance that's full of photo opportunities.  You can take photos throughout the whole evening as long as you do not use flash, which in most theatre shows is strictly forbidden.  So as a photographer, it's great to know that you are free to snap away.  I have seen the show multiple times and have taken tons of photos.  If you want to grab yourself some tickets, I will add a link underneath the pictures.